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  • Kole Audio Solutions - Video Game Music (Reel)

    Video Game Music Reel

    Kole Audio Solutions
    Original Music Reel for Games

  • Revealing the Score - Kenshi: The Swamplands


    Lo-Fi Games
    Original Music & Sound Design

  • The Vigilant Menagerie (Album Excerpts)

    The Vigilant Menagerie (Album Excerpts)

    Kole Audio Solutions
    Concept Album

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  • 2Mar 2015

    I'll be speaking on & moderating a panel at the GDC next week about "Landing Your First Game & Building a Career." Come check it out if you're in SF! I was also featured in an article written by Dan Kimpel for Music Connection Magazine!

  • 23Dec 2014

    Happy Holidays! What a fantastic year 2014 has been & to top it all off I've just released a new personal album! You can check it out HERE!

  • 31Jul 2014

    I just got back from a fantastic concert where I played guitar for Critical Hit at Video Games Live in San Diego! Pixel Piracy releases today & in celebration I'm offering my Soundtrack for 50% off (limited time); you can pick it up HERE.

  • 27Jun 2014

    I just received a great write up from OverClocked Records on my OST to Pixel Piracy, which you can read HERE! Speaking of which, you can stream or pick up your copy of the Pixel Piracy OST through the following sites: OverClocked Records, iTunes, Bandcamp, and Loudr

  • 11Apr 2014

    I'm happy to announce that I've just signed on to write the music for a great new side-scrolling 2d, real time strategy/sandbox/simulation game in the works...Pixel Piracy! Have you ever been curious about the sounds a Carnotaurus makes? Yes!? Well great, HERE's a video just for you!

  • 13Mar 2014

    I'll be attending the GDC in a week & look forward to seeing everything. If you'd like to meet and talk games then feel free to get in touch!

  • 12Nov 2013

    I've just signed on as a Sound Designer for "The Stomping Land." I also finished an article that was featured on Gamasutra titled "Things Indie Devs Need to Know Before Commissioning Music for Their Game."

  • 9Sep 2013

    I've been keeping track of and sharing my process while creating and implementing the Audio for Kenshi. Feel free to read through some of the entires at my blog here:

  • 5Jul 2013

    I'm happy to announce that I've been hired on as the Audio Designer for the great squad based strategy RPG, "Kenshi!" Read all about it on my blog announcement HERE.

  • 8Jun 2013

    Check out the very fun & slightly crazed "Rabid Rascals" (Music/Sound/VO)! Interested in Twisted Dark Fantasy Games?... Vote for the next song I create in "Jeklynn Heights!"

  • 13Apr 2013

    Check out my latest article on the music of "Cities of Legend" HERE. I've also finished working with PlayThis! on two new titles: Swipe the Deck & Banana Planet.

  • 27Sep 2012

    Are you working on a Game and are needing Audio for it, but have no idea of where to go or what to do? It can be a time consuming and slightly confusing process (especially for those new to it), so that's why I wrote this article

  • 17Sep 2012

    Welcome to my new (responsive) site. Please feel free to explore, as everything has been updated.

  • 17Sep 2012

    Jeklynn Heights (Original Music) just released a new Alpha video featuring some of my music. Also, check out WordThis (Sound Design) at the App Store!

  • 28Apr 2012

    'Escape from the Age of Monsters' has been released. Brainsss will be released soon and I'm working on an unannounced project with Chance Thomas from Playdom.

  • 28Oct 2011

    I just finished all the audio for a new mobile game, "Bag It!" from Hidden Variables Studio. Watch the trailer

  • 30May 2011

    The Box Knight trailer from imakegamesoftware is now live. Check it out

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